Thursday, 25 September 2014

Heart & Hand: Tell Your Story

A special feature of the Heart & Hand Festival are the wonderful stories and musical performances presented by our guest storytellers and entertainers. 

Do you have a story to tell? Since Heart & Hand is a participatory event we’re inviting folks to bring a story. Put your name in the hat for a chance at the mic!

Here are the rules: Your story must be true, and it must be short. Two minutes is the maximum and there will be timers. And perhaps a gong, or a hook, but most certainly loads of fun for all. 
Polish up your best anecdote, time it, and come along to the music and storytelling tent at the Heart & Hand Festival.

Schedule of Events

10:30 a.m.     Drum Circle 
                       Nii Addico 

11 a.m.           Musical Performance
                       Sarah Granskou (with Amy Scott)

Noon              Baden Storytellers
                     Derek Brisland
                     Debbie Jones
                       Mary McCullum Baldasaro

1 p.m.             Musical Performance
                     Ian Bell                       

2 p.m.          Baden Storytellers
                   Gail Fricker
                   Stephen Van Vugt
                    Carolyn Wilker

3 p.m.          Drum Circle
                   Nii Addico

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