Thursday, 18 September 2014

Heart & Hand: Potter, Lisa Marcus

We are very excited to have Lisa Marcus from Mermaid Springs Pottery in Kitchener join us this year for the Heart & Hand Festival! Lisa has been working as a potter for more than 23 years, and like the Schneider family, Lisa moved to this area from Pennsylvania! 

Most of Lisa's work is thrown on the potter's wheel but she also does hand building to create the characters and figures that adorn her pieces. These decorative elements are inspired by her interest in ancient cultures, Goddess worship and her passion for cats. All her designs are original and produced by Lisa herself. These beautifully decorated and whimsically fun pieces are meant to bring a little bit of excitement and joy to your every day or special occasion. 

Interested in learning how to make some unique pieces of your own? You are in luck! Lisa teaches wheel classes form her Kitchener studio twice a week! 

Stop by the Heart & Hand festival on Sept. 27 to visit Lisa and all our wonderful artisans!

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