Friday, 20 September 2013

Heart & Hand: A visit to the Papertrail with Kevin Martin and Audrey Hollinger

Photo by Candice Leyland
Join Kevin, Audrey (and their resident cricket) for a tour of their New Dundee shop, The Papertrail. They do it all from paper making, to printing and... paper marbling! They will be demonstrating this traditional art form TOMORROW at the Heart & Hand Festival!

Photo by Candice Leyland

Come by and say hello, take part in a demo and pick up some one of kind marbled or hand made paper for your next project!

Want to visit the studio in person? The Papertrail will be taking part in the Rural Routes Studio Tour Nov 1 & 2.  Check out the Papertrail blog for more updates and behind the scenes look at new projects, equipment and more!


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