Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Heart & Hand: First Nations Artist and Educator Naomi Smith

Bead and quill work pieces
Meet Naomi Smith, First Nations artist and educator. In this video Naomi tells us about her art and what it is that inspires her to create her beautiful bead and quill work pieces. Naomi is passionate about sharing the history and traditions of the First Nations people of the Woodland and Northeastern area. 

Exploring the story of beadwork is one way that Naomi shares her traditions and culture. She creates contemporary pieces based on traditional examples. For over 15 years Naomi has designed and created traditional Native beadwork, leather craft, moose hair embroidery, quill work, sweetgrass or birch bark basket making and adornment, always valuing these sacred materials throughout her creative process.
Come out to the Heart & Hand Festival this Saturday, September 21 to learn more! 

Contemporary and traditional examples of  beadwork pieces

Some of these traditional beadwork pieces are over 200 years old 

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