Thursday, 29 August 2013

Heart & Hand: Performer Sarah Granskou

Sarah Granskou, Folk Artist-in-Residence 2013, invites us into the wash house to sit by the hearth as she plays, sings and tells us one of her original Norwegian Folktale. 

You wont want to miss Sarah at this year's Heart & Hand Festival at Joseph Schneider Haus Saturday, September 21! Admission is free! Enjoy activities and hands-on opportunities for the entire family!


  1. Hi Sarah
    Best wishes with the festival.
    Just wondering if you might be related to a Professor Granskou who taught at Sir Wilfred Laurier some years ago. Back in the 60'3 & 70's I took 3 religion courses from him which I enjoyed thoroughly.
    Be well
    Harry Smith, Wasaga Beach

  2. If you knew Professor Granskou, you can email me at
    Harry Smith