Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Heart & Hand: Book Binding with Marlene Pomeroy

Marlene Pomeroy is the Joseph Schneider Haus Folk Artist-in-Residence for 2011.  We ask here afew questions about book binding and its importance today.
You can judge this book by it's cover!
1. What inspired you to begin building books?
I took a binding class that ignited my passion for books. I was a calligrapher with many years of visual arts behind me. The "book" is a way to incorporate all the arts into a wonderful, enduring housing.  

Marlene's take on the "E" book 

2. Is the art of bookbinding still important or should we just use e-readers and read our books online?

The art of bookbinding is even more important now than ever. People need a place to slow down and depart from their work a day mode of technology. There is no replacement for the tactile feel of the paper and leather between your fingers. The books covers appeal to our eyes and invite us to escape into a different world.    

3.  What is next? Any big projects in the works?
There are many planned projects ahead. A collaborative work of limited editions is in the planning stages and commissions are always waiting to be finished.  I am also working on a new teaching space to be ready late fall.

Marlene's The Book from Flax to Finish workshop is running Sept. 24 & 25 so drop in, ask questions and get inspired. Call  519-742-7752 to register. Visit Marlene's blog Inspired discovery

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